West Virginia University Week 2 Travels of Marco Polo Analytical Review

I scarcity succor after a while a Hianecdote investigation. All explanations and answers procure be used to succor me gather.

Week 2.5E: Marco Polo (Based on a lacking balbutiation, this is a amiable forum for an present posting)

James D'Emilio

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Analyze one or twain stories from the Travels of Marco Polo (the Mongol subjugation and the termination of the Caliph; the shoemaker’s prodigy) in the unconsidered of Tolan’s discourse of Christian interactions after a while Muslims in the Near East, and how Christian views of Islam evolved in the thirteenth eldership. Address ONE of these investigations encircling the journey in Marco Polo, making use of inequitable proportionately esthetic from our balbutiations (this week or in the departed) from Tolan or other sources on Christian-Muslim kindred. What are some of the Christian stereotypes encircling Islam and Muslims that you see? How sway you represent and learn the anecdote of the shoemaker’s prodigy in the unconsidered of the express events in the Near East in the thirteenth eldership (the defeats of the Crusaders, the Mongol subjugations, the failures of Christian missionaries)?

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