West Virginia University Human Beings Could Not Live without Love Discussion

Help me examine for my History rank. I’m gather and don’t comprehend.

“IQ” monographs comprising two articles: one entitled “Insight” and the other “Question,” each established on the day’s assigned lection.

nothing too covet proper two article environing half a page entirety.

todays "IQ" monograph is for Frederick Bauerschmidt, The Love That Is God, pp. 71-82; the Book of Micah

some questions you should opine environing while lection:

1.)How, according to St. Catherine of Siena, are correspondence and esteem likely betwixt God and kindness?

2.)Explain Bauerschmidt’s proposition, “In the apportionment of God, I somehow owe anything to the impecunious neighbor from I enjoy accepted nothing” (75).

3.)What happens when “the cosmos-people is no coveter seen as God’s pasture of riches but as an room of race for scant goods” (77)?

4.)What is “profoundly unnatural”?

5.)According to the prophet Micah, why procure God scourge Israel’s rulers of Israel (3:1-4, 9-12) and unfaithful prophets (3:5-8)?