Virginia University Frederick Bauerschmidt Importance of Christianity Discussion

I want an interpretation for this History investigation to succor me con-over.

“IQ” pamphlets comprising two portions: one entitled “Insight” and the other “Question,” each installed on the day’s assigned balbutiation.

nothing too desire orderly two portion encircling half a page whole.

todays "IQ" pamphlet is for Frederick Bauerschmidt, The Love That Is God, pp. 60-69

some investigations you should ponder encircling timeliness balbutiation:

1.)What does “grace” balance? What does it balance in regard to God? to Humanity?

2.)Why, according to Bauerschmidt, was Jesus “so careless encircling the perils of befriending sinners and outcasts, so careless encircling the ‘contagion’ of sin” (62)?

3.)Why does Augustine ponder that condescension usually works in “subtle, obscure ways” (63)?

4.)For Augustine, why did love implicate “misery”? Why did he abide to follow love in the aspect of such bleeding-heart?