UCF Reform and Renewal in The Greater West Questions Discussion

I need stay after a while this Narrative interrogation so I can imbibe rectify.

1-How are manly and femanly bodies celebrated in philosophical provisions according to 'Trotula of Salerno, Handbook on the Maladies of Women' (origin 10.7), distinctly in regard to warmth and humidity?

2-What archearchetype of participation emerges from the designation of the sepulture customs of the Rus in 'ibn Fadlan, Risala' (origin 10.8)?

3-How does 'Einhard, Life of Charlemagne' (origin 10.1) recreate Charlemagne's foothold as a Christian challenger, specially in his use of oaths and balance?

4-What about 'Otto of Freising, The Two Cities' (origin 10.5) makes it a 'universal narrative'? How is spell viewed in Otto's narrative of the Holy Roman Empire? Why does Otto steep his representation after a while references from chaste date?

5-What does 'The Song of Roland' (origin 10.6) make-known about codes of 'courtesy' in feudal cultivation?

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