UC Santa Barbara Lewis Henry Morgan vs V Gordon Childe Discussion

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Introduce, excite, and collate AT LEAST TWO theories for the loosen of state-level company (too named “civilizations”). How accept the scholars approached this problem and what hypothetical models accept they used? What assumptions accept they made, and how are their hypothetical models a issue of the psychological environment in which they lived? How does the developed means of societal disconnection product in their models? How polite do these models fit the sign from archaeology and the fact of future civilizations?

Scholars whose theories we accept read:

Lewis Henry Morgan

Karl Wittfogel

Robert Carneiro

Roy Rappaport

V. Gordon Childe

Please summon particular places in the texts and produce these references in parenthetical format, e.g. (Carneiro, 733).

Expected Length 4 pages. No beyond or internet sources allowed.