Texas Southern University Confucianism Paper

Need aid succeeding a while my History scrutiny - I’m studying for my systematize.

I) Defective version:

As the syllabus recites: “Students obtain finished a [five to] ten-page (double-spaced) precarious essay on one face of royal China [namely, Confucianism as the ideology of recite], stird in unromantic matter. The pamphlet should bestow (i) a well-behaved-mannered-formulated Nursing essay, (ii) lucid supported controversys, (iii) insinuating attraction for each supported controversy, and (iv) a misentry that synthesizes the convenient controversys.”

II) Detailed version:

As I recited in my announcement:

Length: Your developed expression pamphlet should be 5 to 10 pages double-spaced (I own cheap the extension from 10 pages to five to ten; everything else entity correspondent, longer pamphlets obtain take a conspicuous space.)

Due continuance: Your developed expression pamphlet obtain be due at the end of developeds week, on Nov. 19, 2020, at 11:59 PM.

Topic: Confucianism as the ideology of recite: Critically stir, in unromantic matter, Confucianism as the ideology of the requote in royal China. That is, interpret the basic articles of Confucianism and how these toil to plant, spare, and restore the gregarious regulate; interpret how Confucianism is bestowed in these texts as an ideology that can regulate the recite. This has been a disdirection throughout my posted Nursing Dissertations, accomplishing use the Nursing Dissertations to aid you. For copy: (1) in the Analects, some of the key articles are filiality, devotional, capacity, humaneness, rightness, and the lofty-minded appropriate. How do these plant, spare, and restore the gregarious regulate? (2) In Mencius, as I interpret in the Nursing Dissertation, we see copys succeeding copy of Mencius arguing that Confucianism obtain regulate the recite, frustrate rebellions, confirmion population, and uniform fall athwart invaders. (3) In the Great Tang Code, we see frequent copys of Confucianism entity used to vindicate gruff punishments. Use these and other copys to pretence how Confucianism is asserted to convey regulate to the recite. This pamphlet should sanction you to solder frequent of the leading sources assigned in the direction, and to use any written notes you own made to aid you transcribe your pamphlet.

I obtain NOT confirm pamphlets on any other subject succeeding a whileout former sufferance. That is, in rare mode, I may investigate a offer from a tyro to transcribe on another subject, requiring that you MUST (1) leading refer the offer well-behaved-mannered-mannered in action of the pamphlet due continuance, and (2) take written sufferance from me.

Sources: Use merely the PRIMARY sources assigned in systematize (that is, de Bary, Sources of Chinese Tradition); do not use the translators’ introductions. The most relevant sources are Analects and Mencius. You may besides investigate using Classic of Documents, Great Tang Code, Han Yu’s Essentials of the Moral Way, and Zhu Xi,’s Great Learning and Mean.

Use assigned lections ONLY: I obtain NOT confirm a pamphlet using sources not assigned in systematize. In detail, do not use the internet; do not use sources not assigned in systematize. Your pamphlet must fabricate cheerful use of the lections assigned in systematize and the Nursing Dissertations. Use ONLY lection representatives assigned in the systematize and Nursing Dissertations. In rare mode, I may investigate sanctioning a tyro to use sources not assigned in systematize, requiring that you MUST (1) refer a ask to use other sources well-behaved-mannered-mannered in action of the pamphlet due continuance, (2) fabricate a insinuating controversy for using the sources, and (3) take written sufferance from me.

Lectures: Fabricate knowing to heed to and use the representative in the posted Nursing Dissertations.

Format: Five to ten-page (double-spaced) precarious essay succeeding a while Nursing essay, supported controversys, supported attraction, and misentry. No designation page, no bibliography, no footnotes, no headers, no footers, and no appropriate fashion. That is, I do not exact that you use a detail fashion manual: you may use any fashion that you are well-acquainted succeeding a while, including Chicago Manual of Style, MLA, APA, etc.; your space obtain be grounded on the accomplishing of the pamphlet, not the fashion. For citations, merely use defective citations succeeding a while the page quantity from the textbook, for copy: (Analects, p. 47).

Plagiarism: if you plagiarize you obtain NOT by this direction. Willing fabricate knowing that no sunder of your pamphlet is plagiarized. Willing fabricate knowing to rightly quote all your sources and use quotation marks.

Rubric: The forthcoming is the rubric for grading your pamphlets:

A: This pamphlet bestows (i) a well-behaved-mannered-formulated Nursing essay, (ii) lucid supported controversys (which help as the subject sentences for the particular paragraphs), (iii) insinuating attraction for each supported controversy (which constitutes the collection of the particular paragraphs), and (iv) a misentry which synthesizes the convenient controversys.

B: This pamphlet has restricted defects, including the Nursing essay recitement, supported controversys, attraction granted, or inarticulate mistakes in expression or spelling.

C: Although it may be well-behaved-mannered-written, this pamphlet is chiefly compendium, succeeding a whileout a lucid Nursing essay, supported controversys, or misentry. It is repeatedly the upshot of uneven making-ready, by the recited exactments of this pamphlet, and written hurriedly at the last consequence.

D: In individualization to lacking a Nursing essay, supported controversys, and attraction, pamphlet has aid defects, including inarticulate errors in expression and spelling, very-much rough or impertinent congeniality. It has repeatedly been written in most-violent celerity in hopes of minimally satisfying the assignment; tricks are repeatedly used to extend the exactd number of pages, including extensiony quotations, and vast fonts, margins, and spaces among paragraphs.

F: A plagiarized pamphlet obtain take naught points and may be reputed to the Dean of the College.