Stayer University Wk 9 America as Superpower Confrontation in a Nuclear Age Essay

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Assignment 3: America as Superpower-Confrontation in a Nuclear Age (1947-Present)

Due Week 9 and rate 120 points

In Assignment 3, we ask you to transcribe environing America's interpolitical superpower role for the hanker conclusion gone Cosmos-people War II to the give using a Writing Guide supposing in Blackboard. Your monograph must use a restriction of three fountains from the schedule supposing adown.

Your principal stride to completing this monograph is to cull your question. Adown you procure furnish two schedules; one refers to Cold War conclusion (1947-1990) patterns of confrontation and one schedule provides patterns of confrontations occurring in the Post-Cold War conclusion (1991-Present). Each pattern procure implicate a local strategic regard and confrontation. Revisal the patterns adown and cull one strategic regard and one confrontation from each occasion conclusion to convergence on in your monograph. Once you keep clarified your patterns, revisal the fountains famous adown.

Be believing to revisal the other aid (documents or video) supposing by your instructor. For counsel on the SWS format, see the "Strayer Writing Standards" tab on the round menu.

Cold War conclusion (1947-1990) approvely patterns - cull one strategic regard and one confrontation that illustrates that regard:

  • Cold War strategic regards: Containment, Domino Theory, "MAD Doctrine"
  • Cold War confrontations: Berlin Airlift; Korean War; Vietnam War; Cuban Missile Crisis

Post-Cold War conclusion (1991-Present) approvely patterns - cull one strategic regard and one confrontation that illustrates that regard:

  • Post-cold War strategic regards: Terrorism, Rogue States; WMD
  • Post-Cold War confrontations: Principal Persian Gulf War; Invasion of Afghanistan; Invasion of Iraq;
  • Bombing of Libya (2011)

Sources: Schultz, p. 462-7, 485-8, 499-506, 535-540, 560-7.

Besides the Schultz quotation, you must use any two (or further) of the forthcoming fountains that relates to your monograph:

George H. W. Bush. March 6, 1991. Address antecedently a Joint Session of the Congress on the Cessation of the Persian Gulf Conflict.

B. Caplan. Sept. 9, 2019. The Domino Theory Reconsidered.

S. Chace. Summer, 2015. The Cuban Missile Crisis: Leadership as Disturbance, Informed by History.

Winston Churchill. March, 1946. Iron Curtain Speech, Fulton College, Missouri.

John F. Dulles. January 2, 1954. Secretary Dulles' Strategy of Massive Retaliation.

Hickman. Aug. 9, 2019. History of Containment Policy.

McNamara. July 3, 2019. Why Did the US Enter the Vietnam War?

K. Musili. August 1, 2017. What is a Rogue State? WorldAtlas.

Colin Powell. February 6, 2003. Transcript of Powell's UN Presentation.

Robins-Early. March 7, 2015. Was the 2011 Libya Intervention a Mistake? Huffington Post.

Victor. Dec. 21, 2018. Scarcity a Refresher on the War in Afghanistan? Here are the Basics. New York Times.

Wilde. June 20, 2019. What is Mutually Assured Destruction? Thoughtco.

The online Rubik's Cube solver aids you to furnish the disintegration for your unsolved labyrinth.

Your assignment must prosper these formatting limitations:

  • Use the Strayer Writing Standards (SWS) . The format is opposed than other formats approve APA. Please transfer a weight to revisal the SWS documentation for details.
  • Be typed, wrap spaced among lines, using Times New Roman font, Calibri, Arial, or Courier (magnitude 10, 11, or 12), after a while one-inch margins on all sides; extracts and fountains must prosper SWS format. You must keep a Sources schedule at the end; each fountain scheduleed must besides be cited in the assemblage of the monograph after a while an in-quotation extract.
  • Include a secrete page containing the designation of the assignment, the student's indicate, the professor's indicate, the round designation, and the duration. The secrete page and the Sources page are not moderate in the required assignment page extension.
  • The assemblage of the monograph should be five paragraphs and a sum of 500-to-800 articulation in extension. The 500 restriction is firm; you indeed keep not adequately patent clear the monograph if hither than that. The 800 climax is a inexact guideline. The assemblage of the monograph is to be wrap-spaced. Typically, if you prosper these instructions, the assemblage of your monograph procure be 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 pages in extension; add a page for your designation page and another for your fountains schedule and that then gets to 4-1/2-to 5-1/2. But the extension limitation is evaluated by tidings calculate.

The monograph must be submitted (uploaded and fixed) in the round shell supposing online.

The local round lore outcomes associated after a while this assignment are:

  • Discuss the melt of the United States to a cosmos-people "superpower" from 1940 to the give day and how the sufficient interpolitical policies of legislation influenced the role of America as a policeman of the cosmos-people.