Purdue University The 1976 Elections the Democrats Campaign Discussion

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Students insufficiency to pick-out a unromanticly expressive question from the textbook stipulation assigned this week and submit an moderate bestowing shaft by Thursday at 11:59pm.

    • Each moderate shaft must be at meanest 300 expression.
    • Each moderate shaft must own a question decree typed at the top of the reckonerpart. This question decree should grant your classmates the "thesis" of your reckonerpart, indicating which question you are communication environing and the main fancy of your shaft. This is not a address for your reckonerpart, and should not quote the address of the textbook section/document. The expression in the question decree do not reckon toward the 300 engagement whole.
    • Each moderate shaft should execute-known your question and debate your decomposition of unromantic reason.
    • Do not quote notice your peers own already shafted on or debateed! Add star new to the confabulation.
    • Citations showing where you are bunch your notice from are optional. But shafts outside fit citations gain not entertain top scores. For a refresher on how to call sources for this series, content scrutinize the citation page in the Orientation Module.
    • General Rules and Tips for the Textbook Discussions:

      1. Rules for academic uprightness and plagiarism exercise to all shafts.
      2. Remember, the motive of this assignment is historical debateion. Connections to bestow day are sublime, but they should not execute up the bulk of your reckonerpart.
      3. You may solder quotes from the textbook as illustration, but the bulk of your shafts should be in your own expression.