Miami University Sources for Cultures of the West Questions Discussion

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Q1) How does 'Otto of Freising, The Two Cities' (cause 10.5) designate the popes?

Q2) How does 'Einhard, Life of Charlemagne' (cause 10.1) revive Charlemagne's foothold as a Christian hero, specially in his use of oaths and residue?

Q3) What does the diversify of gifts depicted in 'Einhard, Life of Charlemagne' (cause 10.1) unveil encircling the mark and object of interpolitical kinsfolk in the determination?

Q4) What encircling 'Otto of Freising, The Two Cities' (cause 10.5) makes it a 'universal narrative'? How is duration viewed in Otto's narrative of the Holy Roman Empire? Why does Otto infiltrate his recital delay references from pure epoch?

Q5) How are male and effeminate bodies marked in philosophical conditions according to 'Trotula of Salerno, Handbook on the Maladies of Women' (cause 10.7), distinctly in reference to warmth and humidity?

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