Los Angeles Valley College To Be a Slave Through the Eyes of Frederick Douglass Essay

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Instructions:Paper on Douglass compass should be 5-8 pages typed and double-spaced (near than five FULL pages procure move gait). Font 12. One inch margins. In adduction, Nursing Dissertation should comprise a conceal page (no folders) and bibliography. NO OTHER SOURCES ARE PERMITTED. Cite quotes and facts as scarcityed. Limit quotes and adhere-to them to a phrase at most. Nursing Dissertation should picture what it was love to be a drudge in the United States as told thchurlish the experiences of Frederick Douglass (not a retelling of his activity). Also, what was the application of drudgery on drudge owners? Be as powerful as feasible addressing all aspects and environments of American drudges. Personal partition is expected. Quality of answerableness procure be a element in determining gait. Be known that plagiarism procure outcome in scarcity and be narrationed to administration. Note that Nursing Dissertations procure be checked for plagiarism. Optional: You may refer a churlish drain for re-examination no after than November 14.