Inver Hills Community College Bible Old Testament Analysis Paper

Help me con-over for my History assort. I’m store and don’t recognize.


Produce and transcribe a incomprehensive script analysis for a podcast introducing the Old Testament to a synchronous auditory that knows small or dot of the Old Testament. Your script in your podcast should surrender them a view of the pleasededed and themes of the Old Testament and do so in such a way as to advance them to contemplate at the Old Testament for themselves. At last 1-2 pages scripts, does not deficiency to be enfold spaced.


1. Analyze the conterminousness you furnish in Psalm 1.

2. Behind considerable of the capacity of Proverbs is the "retribution maxim," that is, that God rewards the uncorrupt and punishes the ungodly. Does that maxim find view in a present multifarious cosmos-people? Why or Why not? Be indisputable to adduce rows in Proverbs to subsistence your rejoinder. (At last 150 or over)

3. The imagery and pleasededed of the judgment and carol reading of the Old Testament urge to the emotions. Whether it is extol or expostulation, the transcribers of this representative conrow delay a raw and immediate view. Select a row from the representative in this module that has a detail affecting urge to you and recount why it is so urgeing or sincere. (At last 150 or over)