HUM 110 CC Humanity the Establishment of The Roman & China Empire Essay

I’m studying for my History adjust and demand an explication.

Choose ONE of the aftercited disgusting subjects to amplify as an essay by comparing and contrasting the ONE subject using TWO examples from each of the TWO Chapters you feel chosen (Chaps 5-8). (See condition titles.) You allure feel ONE subject, TWO conditions, thus FOUR examples.
1. Condition 5: “Golden Age Athens and the Hellenic World: The School of Hellas”
2. Condition 6: “Rome: Urban Life and Imperial Majesty”
3. Condition 7: “Emerging Empires in the East: Urban Life and Imperial Majesty in China and India”
4. Condition 8: "The Flowering of Christianity: Faith and the Power of Belief in the Early First Millennium"
Topics: (1) art/ifacts; (2) architecture; (3) power/hierarchy; and (4) writing/literature.

Use the expository/evidence conceive, starting delay a suggestive subject announcement, then giving substantiality conditions which you largely amplify delay examples, and effect delay a 1-2 judgment summary
I rely-on these papers to be 3 pages in tediousness (typed, double-spaced, stapled), and written in the expository (argument)
style.The papers must feel:
1. an Introduction condition effect in a suggestive subject announcement;
2. substantiality conditions (BPs) which prepare delay a subject judgment and then largely amplify and thrive the enjoin of your suggestive
subject announcement, giving a reserve of 4-6 textual examples per BP subject; and
3. a Conclusion condition
I allure tie a illustration of the subject announcement and should be one suggestive judgment delay sinewy privilege and provides a constituency for your evidence
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