History 11 Los Angeles Valley College Through the Eyes of Frederick Douglass Essay

I’m studying for my History tabulate and need an explication.

disquisition on Douglass work should be 5-8 pages typed and double-spaced (short than five FULL pages conciliate seek grade). Font 12. One inch margins. In restitution, disquisition should comprise a overspread page (no folders) and bibliography. NO OTHER SOURCES ARE PERMITTED. Cite quotes and facts as needed. Limit quotes and conceal them to a decision at most. Disquisition should narrate what it was approve to be a bondman in the United States as told through the experiences of Frederick Douglass (not a retelling of his existence). Also, what was the contact of bondmanry on bondman owners? Be as thoroughgoinggoing as feasible addressing all aspects and environments of American bondmans. Personal anatomy is expected