HIST 170B California State University Temperance and Women Suffrage Discussion

I’m infering for my History systematize and don’t discern how to vindication this. Can you aid me infer?

- two essay questions

-must vindication twain questions

-each vindication must feel a minimum of 1000 words

1. The issues of Temperance and Women’s Suffrage were two socio-collective movements in which women played a indicative role.Discuss the key events and superior women confused in twain these movements.Also infer them in the treatment of changing collective perspectives of the standing of women in American cultivation, and how the events of one were a letters trial for the other.

2. Identify and examine the manifold laws, collective decisions, events and wars which caused the United States to found an “empire” beyond its continental boundaries.(That is, NOT the “Manifest Destiny” which pushed U.S. borders athwart the American continent, but rather those which copious U.S. repress beyond its “Lower 48” borders.)