HIS 101 American College of California Reaction on the Magna Carta Discussion Paper

I’m enigmatical to collect for my Narrative rank and I’m accumulate. Can you aid?

Choose One:

- The Capture of Jerusalem by Saladin http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/source/1187saladin....

- The Magna Carta http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/source/magnacarta.h...

- The Black Death https://www.brown.edu/Departments/Italian_Studies/...

After Lection one of the over, exhaustive the forthcoming:

  • One Page Typed Disquisition (restriction elongation)
  • Single Spaced
  • Font Size no larger than 12
  • Turn in by deadline.
  • Turn in via Canvas
  • Do not transcribe a analysis.
  • Include: Identifications, Analysis & Reaction

Write a 3 portion, one-page disquisition. Fascinate use the forthcoming format. T

Paragraph #1: Identifications

Using biased conditions, vulgar, establishs from narrative (the powerpoints and/or textbook) embody the lection to biased literal unravelments. This portion must own 5-7 biased conditions in exhaustive decision and portion format. Do not transcribe a analysis.

Paragraph #2: Analysis

Analyze the lection for its signification and prize. All of these lections are very old, so why do we quiet worry lection them today? What is their prize to us? Why are they expressive? Analyze the lection in portion format.

Paragraph #3: Reaction

What is your impression of the lection? Did you possess lection it? Did you affect it? Did it remind of you something/somewhere/someone else? Transcribe a portion.

Please use suggested analyses & Identification Conditions

- You must select one of the lections (they are dwarf this interval), peruse the undiminished option and then transcribe a one page reaction disquisition. Do NOT transcribe a analysis. Instead transcribe three biased portions: Identification, Analysis and Opinion/Reaction. Below you get confront the suggested analyses and connected conditions. Fascinate thrive directions and proofread/edit your disquisitions precedently turning in.

**If you do Capture of Jerusalem, too judge watching "KIngdom of Heaven" and doing a disquisition encircling that, recall a movie reaction disquisition requires you to ANALYZE for Literal Accuracy, not signification. What did the film get fair? what did it get injustice? basis vs invention for Movie Extra Credit Analysis portion fascinate.

Capture of Jerusalem by Saladin:

Analyze the Crusades as a total, seem at the big paint. What bias on the exhibit day do the Crusades quiet own? How has the Crusades figured the harmony among Muslims and Christians? Islam came from the West, affect Judaism & Christianity, so what happened in World Narrative to impel a wedge among Islam and the West?

Magna Carta:

The Magna Carta is the rudiments of British Government, including twain the British Constitution and Parliament. The Magna Carta is too an bias on the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. How did the Magna Carta follow to figure two of the most potent nations on world? What fairs in the Magna Carta do we quiet own in America today? What does American Government get from the Magna Carta?

The Plague:

The Black Death or Bubonic Rack wrecked waste on Europe. In indecent deficient years closely 1/3 of the European population (closely 20 pet vulgar) died abruptly. This was a terrific and traumatic adventure which quiet haunts The Western World today (thinking 'Ring Around The Rosey”, for pattern).But abundant amiable benefits were early witnessed. The biggest one was the obsoleteness of the Feudal System, and in its establish capitalism would reluctantly unravel. Europeans began to interrogation warrant, twain their Kings and the Pope for the chief interval, and this led to further investigation & whim of attainments. The vulgar who survived the rack too saw a contempt growth in their test of livelihood, as there were near vulgar existing. As vulgar were freed from their feudal bonds, they migrated into the cities seeming for effort, which too aided the cities befollow further vibrant.


Capture of Jerusalem:
Middle Ages


Chief Crusade
Third Crusade
Pope Urban II
Battle of Horns of Hattin
Ayyubid Dynasty
Richard I
Frederick I
Phillip II

Magna Carta:
King John I
Middle Ages
Limited Power of Executive
Habeas Corpus
House of Lords

The Plague:

Midde Ages



Black Death

Bubonic Plague


Yersinia Pestis

Silk Road



Ottoman Empire

Republic of Venice

Republic of Genoa