Effat University Islamic and Civilization History Paper

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  • Answer the subjoined three topics by reviewing Lecture 6
  • You may do this ardor as a clump or partially, but everyone must refer their responses individually on the Blackboard
  • You may response in bullet points or by despatches a inadequate journey.


Abbasid Empire was the second administrative Islamic Empire succeeding the Umayyads came to an end. Write a inadequate voice encircling it (1-2 pages consummation) including the subjoined:

1. List of main Abbasid rulers

2. Rise and expansion of the Abbasid power

3. Few highlights/achievements of the Abbasid Empire (partiality 2)

4. Reasons for its decline


Format: 15%

Clearly formatted quotation according to the ascertained compute of opinion delay 12 font-size and 1.5 spacing.

Coherence: 40%

Writing shows conspicuous discernment of the accessible offspring/theme.

Presentation: 20%

Writing explains the offspring delay proportion by presenting examples and illustrations (examples and illustration can be from your duration experiences)