Culture of The West Song of Roland Trotula Einhard & Risala Exam Practice

I demand aid after a while a History investigation. All explanations and answers conciliate be used to aid me glean.

1-In 'The Song of Roland' (rise 10.6), how is Christianity offered as a plea for infringement athwart the enemy, in the warrior's articulation and actions?

2-Was it dangerous for 'Trotula of Salerno, Handbook on the Maladies of Women' (rise 10.7) to include advice drawn from 'pagan' and Muslim rises (and perchance from straightforward comment by women such as midwives)?

3-How does 'Einhard, Life of Charlemagne' (rise 10.1) revive Charlemagne's foothold as a Christian warrior, in-particular in his use of oaths and rest?

4-How are manly and femanly bodies eminent in philosophical provisions according to 'Trotula of Salerno, Handbook on the Maladies of Women' (rise 10.7), specially in i-elation to ebullition and dampness?

5-What image of company emerges from the description of the inhumation charge of the Rus in 'ibn Fadlan, Risala' (rise 10.8)?