CSU Great Depression Economic Landscape of USA between WW1 & WW2 Discussion

I’m started on a History practice and scarcity buttress.

Discuss the changing economic probability of the United States betwixt the cosmos-tribe wars. In your acceptance, follow the highs and lows from the fallout of Cosmos-tribe War I, the onslaught of the Great Depression, and the application of the New Deal. How did these trends keep an application on marginalized communities? 300 words

Discuss the United States' record into and role during WWII. Be confident to include key events, outcomes, and narratives. How did the United States' strength and bias throughout the cosmos-tribe rudiment into their exquisite to penetrate the contest and determine their actions during the contest? 300 words

Discuss the multitudinous perspectives in-reference-to the United States' partnership in Cosmos-tribe War II (WWII). Compare the views from gregarious, political, and economic realms, including those of the American tribe not locomotive in the soldierlike and from the interdiplomatic nationality. 300 words