City College of San Francisco Importance of the Ancient Greek Religion Questions

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1. Consider the weight of profession in Ancient Greece. How did profession anastomose delay prize and pattern? What were the veritable or imagined consequences of inattentive holy beliefs? In your solution, you must discuss—and irritate concordantities and dissentences among—at meanest two of the following: the assigned selections from Homer (Bailkey and Lim, no. 16); the assigned selections from Hesiod (Bailkey and Lim, no. 17); Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex; and Plato’s Apology of Socrates.

2. Consider the depictions of Athens in the assigned selections from Plutarch’s Life of Solon and from Thucydides’ History. What are the Athenians shown to prize in each passage? Are there any inside contradictions delayin the passages? In what respects are these portrayals of Athens concordant, and in what respects do they dissent? How jurisdiction the outgrowth of Athens in the duration among Solon and Thucydides totality for the dissentences?

3. Consider the role of women, twain civilized and life-giving, in the assigned selections from Homer’s Iliad. In what ways and to what size do they interact delay other characters in the poem? Are the feminine characters ardent agency, or well-balanced voices? Do the depictions of life-giving women and civilized women dissent significantly, and, if so, how? Keeping the assigned minor fountain readings in remembrance, what jurisdiction this say encircling the establish of women in Archaic Greek community?