Ashford University Women and Human Trafficking Victims Discussion

I scarcity acceleration delay a History investigation. All explanations and answers allure be used to acceleration me beneathstand.

first homework

Women of Color Struggles: The Power to Change

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The Power to Change

For this week's discourse, picked 1 or 2 effects from the effects confrontment women globally and behind up delay a separation for gregarious substitute. Watch this first: (Links to an apparent birth.)


1. Identify an effect(s) from the roll beneath that is redundant to YOU, and determine on one (or two) to oration. Expound why it is redundant to you.

2. Research the separated effect and determine how to substitute or rectify the aspect.

  • Plan an force (do we scarcity a gregarious motion, instrument belligerence, protests, petitions, a collaboration betwixt diversified gregarious motions?)
  • identify an end sight. What is the sight of your force? How allure it substitute the universe for the emend?
  • Do not obliviate to accord to another arrangemate's support.

Around the universe, women are worse positioned in gregarious, economic, and gregarious hierarchies. Women integralwshort are further mitigated to test sexual and private profanation and hither mitigated to rule decisions that influence their feeds. Gender intersects delay family, ethnicity, arrange, proceeds, sexual orientation, and impotency, purport that not all women test gender imparity in the similar way and to the similar range.

  • Women last disproportionately influenceed by indigence, distinction, and exploitation, delay further than half (50.4%) of agoing women in tender usurpation. It allure choose another 118 years – or until 2133 – until the global pay gap betwixt men and women is finally close. Globally women are compensated hither than men. Women in most countries realize on mediocre singly 60-75% of men’s allowance.
  • Men own and manipulate true beneath 70% of all businesses and women sit on singly 19% of board seats globally.
  • Only 22 percent of all general parliamentarians are effeminate.
  • Two-thirds of the 780 pet commonalty in the universe who cannot unravel are women.
  • In Africa, 28 pet girls are not in order and allure never trudge internally a arrangeroom.
  • At meanest one in three women about the universe maintain been beaten, coerced into sex or abused in their breed.
  • It is estimated that, universewide, one in five women allure bebehind a prey of transgress or attempted transgress in her breed.
  • Approximately 15 pet immature girls universewide maintain testd hardened sex at some subject-matter in their morals.
  • 603 pet women feed in countries wshort private profanation is not considered a felony.
  • 71% of anthropological trafficking preys are women and girls.
  • Globally, it is estimated that at meanest 200 pet girls and women afeed today maintain beneathgone some construct of FGM (hardened genital mutilation). In most of these countries, the priority of girls were cut anteriorly the age of 5. In some countries, this happens to up to 98% of girls.
  • Between 1.5 pet and 3 pet girls and women die each year owing of gender-based profanation.
    Violence counter women during or behind defended conflicts has been reputed in integral intergeneral or non-intergeneral war-zone.
  • Every day, approximately 830 women die from preventable actions kindred to pregnancy and offshootbirth.
  • HIV/AIDS is the redundant action of failure incompact women of reproductive age.
  • It is estimated that tshort are 650 pet women and girls in the universe today who were married anteriorly age 18. Across the universe, 39,000 girls bebehind offshoot brides integral day.
  • 99% of maternal failures befall in developing countries, delay women perishing of pregnancy-kindred actions at the trounce of one a searching.

second homework

Spotify Reveals its First-Ever "Best of Playlists" - New Addition to Spotify  Wrapped | RESPECT.


  • For this assignment, you must behind up delay a soundtrack/playroll for each speed (1st, 2nd, 3rd) delay a stint of 3 dittys for each speed (tshort are 3; a completion of 9 dittys) of U.S. Women’s Movements and Activism (see PowerPoint beneath).
  • For each ditty on your Women’s Motion ‘Playlist’ expound what the ditty is about and how it is kindred to the unvarnished composition of women’s freedom labor.
  • Post your ‘playlist‘ short and accord to the prompt: What are some effects that maintain hence up balance era as women establish proceeding? Is tshort is further proceeding to be made? How do you perceive?

Women's Motion Timeline: WomensMovementPlaylist.pdf