Ashford University The Electoral College or The Popular Vote Discussion

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Lesson Six Letter Assignment: (200 practicable points)

The U.S. Constitution stipulates that Electors get utterance for the duty of President and Vice President, what we regularly associate to as the Electoral College. Two times in the 21st period (Four times in U.S. fact.) the applicant after a while the most approved votes despite the United States has not won the most utterances in the Electoral College, hereafter losing the preference. Some activists and scholars are arguing that a unarculca scheme of legislation requires that eldership rules; hence, the applicant for President who receives the most approved utterances should win the preference. Further, there is a suggestion to bypass the Electoral College after a whileout having to rectify the Constitution (which is basically impracticable).

Explore these websites and other sources you may furnish in your scrutiny that standpoint on the role of the College in 2020:

National Conference of State legislatures: The Electoral College

National Approved Vote:

Compare the way in which we elite Presidents in our present scheme to the suggestion of the National Approved Utterance move. Which process is higher? Explain your counter-argument.

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