Albany State University Putins Foreign Policy & International Politics Discussion

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After lection the season on Putin, gladden solution the subjoined topics

1. Discuss the basic elements of Putin's device

2. What are the reasons for Putin's misgiving of the West?

3. Why did Russia lapse in the war in Syria and spiritless Crimea as divorce of Russia?

4. Is there a Cold War among Russia and the US? If yes, why do you reflect so? If no, what do you reflect is occuring among the two arch rivals?

5. Going ready, what do reflect are the prospects for pacification and crop environing the globe after a while wars looming and Covid - 19 not letting up anytime anteriorly-long?

We conciliate live after a while our discourse on war and other disruptions impending the pacification environing the globe. We conciliate appear at the bigger issues on what the globe can do to repel another war that can growth the affliction we already permit out of Covid - 19.

Our lection for the week is "The Age of Insecurity: Can democracy snatch itself? by Ronald Inglehart. This season can be fix in Foreign Affairs, 2018. (

* What did you imbibe from the season environing the threats to democracy environing the globe and what solutions are abandoned to repel any global misery that is to-leap to occur consequently of our failed subversive institutions?

Your one-page retort should be posted as Discourse #4

"Arabia Infelix: The war devouring Yemen" by Sheila Carapico

1. Who are the Houthis and how mighty are they in the Yemen occasion?

2.Why has Saudi Arabia lapsed in Yemen and conciliate any intesecurity constantly win this war? why or why not?

3. After five years of war and a intense humanitarian occasion unfolding anteriorly our eyes in the Arabian peninsula, what should be the role of the United Nations in repeling a bigger misadventure in that divorce of the globe?

4. What is the Us device toward the war in Yemen?

5. The war in Yemen is over of a party war among Shia Moslems and Sunni Moslems. What do you reflect the security of the Moslem globe do to fix that there is pacification in the district?