Academy of Art University Byzantine Art Influence Discussion

Need aid delay my History interrogation - I’m studying for my arrange.

1.) Fascinate perceive an copy of a Byzantine OR Byzantine-INFLUENCED artwork

[painting, plastic-work, film, erection, etc.]. Modern and synchronous copys are welcomed!!

The copy should not be an copy from our module satisfied.

2.) Discriminate us environing your copy: effectman, opportunity bound, medium, epithet, a weak bit environing what is entity depicted. Fascinate enclose an likeness.

3.) Be strong to discriminate us 'What stylistic characteristics of your copy narrate it to the Byzantine style?' Be twain unconcealed and restricted.

- Your letter should be environing two paragraphs, no hither.

- As regularly use your own expression and fascinate adduce your sources justly in MLA.

- Submit your effect to, this is required and part of your pace.