Healthy Eating and Physical Exercise Discussion


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Healthy Eating and Physical Exercise Discussion
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I need help with this discussion assignment. A post of 3 to 4 paragraphs in length, and a response to one other student post. I will send you the other student post for response after the original post have been completed. The response should be a minimum of one paragraph (5 sentences). Cited references are required in APA format.

Discussion questions:

Obesity in our country is a well-known problem and it is detrimental to our health. Government initiatives have attempted to educate and reduce childhood obesity, promoting healthy eating and physical exercise through programs such as MyPlate, Let’s Move, state healthy schools grants, and for a time restrictions on what foods could be brought into the school, etc. to educate and create future healthier citizens. People have differing views of these government programs. What do you think? Should the government be involved in schools to provide access to these types of programs, or should governments stay out of influencing how children and families eat and participate or not participate in fitness activities? Who is responsible for the future health of the children of this country–parents, communities, teachers, government or a combination of these groups?