Wilmington University Week 2 Mandala and Contemporary Environment Essay

I’m collect on a Health & Medical topic and insufficiency an description.

Create a mandala using Wallis' Whole Brain Creative Order and transcribe an essay teaching the five (5) "excellencies" or talents of the mandala:

  1. the tutor,
  2. the notice,
  3. the auditory,
  4. the condition, and
  5. the season.

Explain where and when it chooses settle and how it reflects your identical values.

  • What is your appearance or notice?
  • How succeed you receipts to consummate it?
  • Who succeed influence you?
  • What succeed you insufficiency?
  • Where or when does it choose settle?
  • What do the symbols moderation?
  • What did it unveil when you were perfect?
  • hat did you understand?

Utilize the steps in the Whole Brain Creative Order to co-operate-after a while you after a while this assignment and teach the order in your essay. After you generate your mandala, photograph it, and add your photo parallel after a while an essay on your mandala. You may frame it out of any balance, e.g., monograph, forest, glass, etc.

Essay Requirements:

  • minimum of 1 generous page
  • include a designation page
  • 1" margins on all sides
  • double spaced
  • 12 object Times New Roman font
  • in-text citations and a references page, using APA formatting when necessary