UWF Baptist Hospital Escambia & West Florida Hospital Comparison Worksheet

Help me ponder for my Health & Medical systematize. I’m amass and don’t apprehend.

The Hospital Compare scheme win be submitted in two milestones precedently acquiescence of the latest communication. Each milestone encloses two steps. The latest communication (i.e. grounds offer and two-step essay) win insufficiency to dismanner all feedback accepted on the milestone assignments and must be submitted as one sticky APA formatted muniment. Grounds is best placed in latest muniment as an Appendix behind the allusion inventory. (Hint – This scheme format is very harmonious to the Health Assessment scheme. Therefore, allot the feedback accepted from the Health Assessment scheme!)

IMPORTANT NOTE ON GRADING: . However, the mandible entered in the gradebook for this milestone win be either all 10 objects or cipher objects. This assignment must enclose all of the components inventoryed adown to win all 10 objects.

  • 1st Milestone (Data) - Two steps - (1) Grounds Gathering and (2) Grounds Presentation
    • Step 1: Grounds Gathering:
      • Research the CMS Hospital Compare (Links to an outer top.) website, and then use it to study at last two hospitals in your zip command area. Hospital Compare is disunite of the CMS Hospital Power Initiative. The HQI uses a abnormity of tools to succor inflame and stay improvements in the power of caution delivered by hospitals.
      • Thoroughly study EVERY indicator for ONLY the subjoined two categories for each of the hospitals you enjoy separated – study each hospital partially not at the identical time
        1. Survey of Patients' Experiences
        2. Timely and Effective Care
      • Do not communication on the subjoined categories so base on this website: General Information, Complications & Deaths, Unplanned Hospital Visits, Psychiatric Unit Services, Payment and Value of Care.
      • The object of this scheme is to thoroughly study the consequence indicators on the Hospital Compare webtop for 2 hospitals in your zip command area. You are researching to experience the suggestive outlier indicators for each hospital - either dogmatical or indirect - compared to benchmark (particularize and/or general grounds). PLEASE DO NOT randomly communication on the identical 10 indicators for twain hospitals – communication the 10 for each hospital that are ponderable consequently the hospital is performing either fur emend than or fur worse than the particularize and/or general benchmarks.
      • If you are insufficient to experience 10 outliers for twain of your hospitals (i.e. dogmatical or indirect compared to the benchmarks), you may insufficiency to enclose some that are resembling to the benchmarks in appoint to communication on at last 10. However, your latest communication must prove a perfect critique of the indicator grounds in the two assigned categories for twain hospitals you enjoy separated.
    • Step 2 – Table or graph offer:
      • Create a consultation or graph for each hospital that explicitly and concisely proves your proportionately grounds - hospital versus twain particularize AND general benchmarks. ALL three grounds objects must be presented. Present each hospital partially.
      • If you are fabric a consultation, perform enduring to enclose a latest shaft that calculates the “most suggestive difference” (i.e. hospital minus particularize vs. hospital minus general – whichever is greater) for each indicator. You force flush ponder using bald image tinge to evince dogmatical hostility grounds for the county and red tinge to evince inconsiderable hostility grounds for the county! Be creative!
      • Data must be standardized (i.e. in a resembling format) and units must be labeled.
      • Final grounds offer must be in Word format. Tables can abundantly be fashiond in Word. If you are choosing to graph your grounds, fashion the graphs in exceed and tenor to Word for acquiescence.
      • Table or graphs must enclose passage to evince the fountain of your grounds on the allusion inventory.
      • Be creative! Here is one sample of how the consultation or graph for this assignment force follow cast for one of the two hospitals:

Hospital Compare - Chart Sample - Spr 2020.JPG

Project Format Notes:

  • Although you win be submitting the essay in milestones, the latest acquiescence should enclose twain Milestone acquiescences as ONE sticky APA formatted muniment. Your scheme must be in becoming APA format including an APA formatted style page delay identifying counsel (i.e. spectry, age, scheme style), floating division, inventory of fountains/references, and similar in-text passage. In the latest acquiescence, grounds offer should be submitted as an Appendix behind the allusion inventory. An APA Sample article is granted in the manner Consultation of Contents. Note: no pictureless is insufficiencyed for this assignment.