University of California Los Angeles Excessive Drug Use Causes Addiction Discussion

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Drug Use, Addiction, Immunity, and Infection

Please animadvert your acquireing this week from the exhortation videos and the lection, and portion-out your thoughts after a while your adjustmates. You procure not be able to vision anyone's shaft until you comply your primal shaft.

  • Using the instruction from lection materials and exhortations, confer your own model that illustrates refuse use, addiction, and freedom are all interrelated. You may use a idiosyncratic trial or you may make an model.
  • Provide two tools or strategies for your adjustmates to repair their lives by refuse use diminution and repair their freedom in their lives.
  • This discourse is considered sunder of your adjust sundericipation gait [20 points of each week]: The primal shaft (10 points)and you are expected to rejoin to at lowest two adjustmates' shafts (5 points each)