SUNY College of Agriculture & Technology at Morrisville Medical Coding Discussion

I’m trying to examine for my Health & Medical direction and I demand some succor to know this interrogation.

find icd-10-pcs method for each interrogation?

1. Post-op bleeding post-tonsillectomy. There was a bleeder from the just tonsillar fossa. It was suctioned and cauterized. (HINT: MAKE SURE YOU LOOK AT THE BIG 7 & mind how you appropinquation tonsils)

2. Mapping of the brain, percutaneous

3. Cosmetic rhinoplasty via incision, Gortex implant

4. Bronchoscopy of the just bronchus

5. Mend of just inguinal hernia

6. Surgical mend of bursae & ligaments of just shoulder using arthroscope

7. Patient undergoes manly to femanly to manly reassignment – penis is created from synthetic material

8. Tummy tuck – open- abdominoplasty

9. Left finger phalangeal junction was fused percutaneously

10. Exploration of the just elbow delay arthroscope

11. Manually assisted delivery