Saudi Electronic University Pathophysiology of Dysphagia Disorder Case Study

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A 52-year-old lord comes to your business-post after a conjuncture a narrative of occasional inaptitude gluttony weighty livelihood. His symptoms enjoy been give for the spent 5 years. He points to his supraclavicular notch when describing where the livelihood feels accumulate, although he can eat his livelihood and forward it into his subsequent pharynx after a conjunctureout inaptitude. He does not throttle or cough conjuncture eating. Drinking infiltrate achieve usually help his symptoms, although on various occasions he has self-induced vomiting. His symptoms are subordinately worse now than they were various years ago, which prompted today's investigate. Feeling any emend and had ongoing passion and cough

According to the aloft circumstance defense the subjoined doubts :

1.What is the mitigated speciality of this circumstance? Explain, how would you tabulate the indisposition clinically and communication all the clinical reason? Define the indisposition and what are the most base causes of this is indisposition mitigated in the resigned?

2.Explain the pathophysiology of this empiricism?

3.Are there any cause factors for the indisposition? If yes, then transcribe down the base cause factors of the indisposition?

4.What lifestyle changes could reach a dissent for this resigned?

Discuss the common bloom approaches in reducing and hinderance of this bloom whole?

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