Purdue University Communicable Disease HIV Coalition Testimony Group Presentation

I’m arduous to glean for my Vigor & Medical tabulate and I’m amass. Can you acceleration?

make a 7 slides powerpoint gift (not counting style and allusions slides)

add minimum 100 language to each slide in the SPEAKER NOTES


This is the pattern. I pretended it to google despatch so I can divide it.

Please don't lose this is a assemblage purpose and you can prefer any compromise you scantiness conjoined to Communicable Diseases - HIV material

Each assemblage procure be assigned to a compromise after a while the intent of harangueing a common vigor end and management. The compromise that each assemblage is assigned to procure be conjoined to a restricted eulogy/management end reviewed in the passage. The assignment approximates compromise is-sue, which is a mainstay for common vigor eulogy.

Each scholar assemblage procure play a pre-selected eulogy compromise in command to harangue a common vigor drift and defender for a management answer.

Each scholar procure play a stakeholder action/structure that is inventoryed as a component of the assigned compromise (see incorporate to the website supposing under).

For upshot, the Southern AIDS Compromise consists of distinct structures: Latino Commission on AIDS; AIDS Alabama; Crescent Cares; Tennessee Department of Health; and Louisiana Office of Common Health.

Each scholar procure chosen and behove a component structure (for upshot, scholar one plays/becomes the Latino Commission on AIDS and scholar two plays/becomes Crescent Cares).

Coalitions frequently lay affirmation for common hearings in command to fix their key messages are voiced and confer-uponed to managementmakers. Each compromise component structure has a slightly incongruous perspective, but all the messages are adapted to swing the management making association to annex a restricted management. Each compromise assemblage procure unravel a gift of coordinated common affirmation to inoculate management makers to annex a management.

The compromise affirmation assignment is completed as a assemblage ----Group Material - Communicable Disease - HIV

My assemblage components procure be discussing the Southern HIV Compromise and the Interaction Compromise on AIDS and Development

I deficiency to glean a compromise and Affirmation procure deficiency to conceive:

  1. Introduce yourself and the structure you play after a whilein the compromise and/or your lasting on the end (resident, action playative, quick, etc.)
  2. State your situation as "for" or "against" the incomplete reckoning; fulfill the reckoning by spectry and sum if mismisappropriate (e.g. S.B. 768)
  3. Provide the “Ask”: Tell the management makers what you scantiness them to do (vote yes or no on the reckoning)
  4. Provide back-up documentation for your “ask.” This can conceive identical habit or facts and statistics. One literary allusion is required to be cited in such a way that your inventoryeners can experience the knowledge on their own. At meanest, conceive the cause and the year in the announcement. If a web incorporate, procure such incorporate.

This is the past knowledge:

Each compromise assemblage procure unravel a video gift of coordinated common affirmation to inoculate management makers to annex a management. The gift procure conceive: Key aspects of the compromise proposal; a inventory of selfsame compromise stakeholder scholar components; and voiceover affirmation recitative on a PowerPoint slide (e.g. one compromise scholar component COH 435 Common Vigor Commuications and Advocacy* 7 * Course catalogue (e.g., due dates) is speculative, and material to veer *Updated 10.22.2020 affirmation per slide should be conceived.) Students are encouraged to use PowerPoint, Prezi, or other pre-approved gift software when confer-uponing to the assemblage. Each assemblage procure confer-upon their appertaining knowledge in a recitative format, upload to YouTube, and procure a incorporate for peers to representation and procure comments