NHS 8040 Capella University Electronic Health Record Keeping Program Worksheet

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The device charter contributes an overview of the contemplated device and is a working cunning for how it consummate be produced. It contains key knowledge including the who, what, when, and where of the device and how it consummate be conducted. For this assignment, you consummate use knowledge from the confabulation you conducted and the template linked in Resources to enunciate the pristine divorce of the device charter for your device. *This is heartiness care/public heartiness opening restricted*


Drawing from the gap, want, or opening for proficiency signed in the stance confabulation, commence to enunciate a device charter for the theme. Although this device should oration a bearing gap, facts or contextual proof may not be serviceable. In that subject, you may use suppositious knowledge for this assignment or procure facts from the public scholarship (establish unmistakable to summon the beginning).

Using the Device Charter Template supposing, entire Divorce 1 for this assignment. Write in the fact where indicated. Be concise but be unmistakable to comprise all required knowledge. Use citations as wanted and comprise the relation catalogue on the conclusive page.

The aftercited instructions match to the criteria in the assignment scoring regulate, so be unmistakable to oration each point:

  • Create an acronym to realize the device spectry.
    • Get creative! A good-natured-natured acronym is famous and clear.
  • Justify the choice of departmental and helper sponsors.
    • Describe shortly why you chose these sponsors (fiscal, political, other help?).
  • Describe the overarching aim of the device, including the collision on a order or systems shift.
    • Include a restricted goal you vision to consummate by the end of the device.
  • Summarize the restricted device manoeuvre or mediation that consummate be used to terminate the goal or aim.
  • Identify and contribute a short title of device team members and reasons for your choices.
  • Describe the collision the device consummate feel on stakeholders, including unrepining protection and power.
    • Be unmistakable to melody how you consummate comprise the vote of the unrepining or consumer.
  • Convey end, in an withhold sound and phraseology, incorporating helping proof and adhering to organizational, professional, and read letter standards.

Example assignment: You may use the assignment stance, linked in the Resources, to surrender you an subject of what a Proficient or remarkable rating on the scoring regulate would seem approve.

Additional Requirements

  • Written communication: Write perspicuously, accurately, and professionally, incorporating beginnings withholdly.
  • Length of paper: Entire all openings of Device Charter Template Divorce 1.
  • Resources: Comprise beginnings where withhold among the template, relation catalogue conclusive page.
  • APA format: Summon your beginnings using popular APA format.
  • Font and font size: Times Roman, 12 points.