HSA 525 Strayer Wk 5 Determining the Price as Medical Practice Manager Memorandum

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There are two extremes when it comes to the force of stipulaters to set figures. At one end is the stipulater who has no force and must sanction the cancelment rebuke set by others. At the other is the stipulater who sets the figure, which third-party payers must sanction. Neither sounds enjoy a win-win scenario. We conciliate test these strategies in this week’s argument support.

You are the vocation director for Dr. Jones's new medical manner. He is hoping to public in a few months but original wants to designate his figures. He has asked you to advise whether he should set his own figures or sanction those from third-party payers. After researching twain options, stipulate a note delay your adviseation.

  • In your memo, original stipulate a short argument of what it instrument to be figure setter or figure taker. List the pros and cons of each one. Be firm to illustrate on the strategies that would be used in twain scenarios. Finish the memo delay your adviseation.