HIM 319 University of Illinois at Chicago Ambulatory Surgery Record Lab Worksheet

I’m hard to understand for my Health & Medical assort and I’m accumulate. Can you aid?

1. Open the subjoined attach in Internet explorer https://ahima.solaritycloud.com/webclient/client/c...

As a reminder, the user id is UIC001 and password is AHIMA#77

2. Open the appended Ambulatory Lab worksheets base under and flourish the instructions includeed amid. Once you bear successfully accessed the solcom EDM scheme, inaugurate your lab assignment. You achieve bear multiple attempts to comply your worksheets.

Open the subjoined worksheets. You are to singly re-examination 4 medical memorials. One of each:

  1. ambulatory surgery
  2. emergency department
  3. recurring
  4. office investigate.

Abstract notice that's being requested on each worksheet. Be specific with your answers. State what is in the annals for each exception accurately as documented. If you cull a annals # that doesn't include abundance notice and is waste H&P, binding notes, etc. pluck another annals for re-examination.