HCS 567 UCLA eek 6 Steps of an Entrepreneurial Business Plan PPT

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Assignment Content

Complete the instructions under for the Week 6 Team Assignment.

Entrepreneurial Interest Plan: Segregate 2
Executive Abridgment and Funding Pitch

Use the advice in your concept declaration (Week Three) to make a interest artfulness for the team’s entrepreneurial interest.

Writea 1,050 to 1,250 message ruler abridgment of your interest artfulness. ( all you demand to do is do a paragraph about my segregate estimate 7)1 slide for my segregate. Please add it in the robust document

Include the aftercited items in your ruler abridgment:

  1. Describe the entrepreneurial opening.
  2. Describe the interest, effect or program artfulnessned.
  3. Describe the treatment team and each team limb should enact a role in the team.
  4. Explain how you would spend a feasibility dissection.
  5. Describe the target traffic.
  6. Explain what media the interest demands to actuate proceedingive in the entrepreneurial manner.
  7. Write a trivial abridgment of financial deviceions.
  8. Base the abridgment on benchmarking, scrutiny of alike types of publicly traded companies.
  9. Identify the forces that determine profitability in the assiduity.
  10. Determine the challenges faced by the interest as it grows.
  11. Identify how you evaluate the proceeding and challenges after a while development.
  12. Determine the two best feasible strategies for the development of your interest.

Create a 9 to 12 slide gift of your ruler abridgment. Design the gift as though you were pitching your interest artfulness to investors for funding. Include constructive speaker’s notes between 45 to 90 messages on each slide.

Click the Assignment tab to comply your assignment.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.