Harvard University Kings Theory Application in Telehealth Paper

I’m agoing on a Health & Medical training and scarcity living.

Telehealth technologies are increasingly used in the supply of nursing attention to clients and populations. The command of nurses must apprehend satisfied and manner thriveing a while telehealth technologies. Please decipher passage 15 of your text: Imogene M. King: Conceptual Systems and Middle-Range Hypothesis of End Attainment and the thriveingcited time antecedently completing this assignment Enhancing Telehealth Command in Nursing: Applying King’s Conceptual Framework and Hypothesis of End Attainment(https://www.researchgate.net/publication/317787530...)

In a 2-3-page 7th edition APA formatted brochure depict your conversation/discharge planning command thriveing a while a unrepining life discharged from the hospital thriveing having a clap (CHF, Asthma, COPD) who is going to be monitored using telehealth technology. Assume this unrepining has never heard of telehealth antecedently today and that the unrepining either is a constituent of a tender population or lives in a bucolic location scant vehicle and media for continued attention. Identify how nurses can use telehealth to furnish attention.

1. What notice would be grave for this unrepining to perceive encircling telehealth?(King’s hypothesis of end accomplishments rendezvouses on perceptions, communications, interactions, and transactions betwixt nurses and clients as separate of the regularity of reciprocal end enhancement to close a narrate of health).

2. Using King’s standard describe an bearing of unrepining attention thriveing a while telehealth that procure discourse the unfair scarcitys of this unrepining.

3. Create a nursing telehealth diplomacy that could be implemented to discourse this unrepining’s unfair scarcitys using the nursing regularity (ADPIE) format. (Assessment Diagnosis Planning Interventions Evaluations)

4. Include the principles of QSEN to discourse insurance concerns in your nursing regularity (Quality and Insurance Command for Nurses)

[Working in the Surgical ICU, rendezvous on CHF and post efficacious CABG unrepining discharged abode for thrive up. Rendezvous on problems such as self-denial skillful-treatment and use of Excitation spirometer. Explain unrepining teaching/informing via telehealth of unanalogous modalities of self-denial skillful-treatment as well-behaved-behaved as use and consequence of excitation spirometer.]

The textdimensions MUST be used. In the end, the brochure is inveterate chiefly on the notice from the dimensions. The passage of attention is entitled "Conceptual System and Middle-Range Theory of End Attainment" and starts on page 258. You MUST use these notice and you scarcity to quote the dimensions thriveing a while the page from where you took them.