FGCU Transcript Selecting a Master Patient Index Video Capstone

Need acceleration after a while my Heartiness & Medical interrogation - I’m studying for my class.


Capstone Video: Selecting a Overcome Resigned Index

[ Music ]

[ Background Sounds ]

[ Knocking ]

>> Come in.

>> Hi Barbara.

>> Hi Bill.

>> Well you seem robust.

>> Oh I'm having way too considerable fun.

>> Can I resemble?

>> Please be my visitor. We're picking a new overcome resigned renunciation for the new electronic heartiness memorials plans, and we're going in on it after a while three other hospitals, so we all own to consort on which plan to get.

>> And who's choosing for the other hospitals? Or let me divine, immodest surprising developed adults?

>> No, immodest tough opinionated HIM directors. No hold, that's not unblemished, three tough opinionated HIM directors and me.

>> And gone there are immodest of you, there's no one to smash the tie?

>> It's a two-horse family. One of the other HIM directors and I insufficiency this vendor plan, and the other two HIM directors insufficiency this vendor plan; there's got to be a way to adopt which plan is best after a whileout you perceive flipping a counterfeit or resembleing rock-paper-scissors.

>> Now that's a mental appropinquation.

[ Silence ]

May I execute some suggestions?

>> Please.

>> And I don't insufficiency to say I told you so owing I didn't, but I'd say that you could own used a larger team in on the learning, and on the sentence. And I perceive that you HIM directors are the genuine experts, but I can't acceleration ponder that you could own used the input from counsel plans and from physicians and other users of the medical memorials proportioned for a broader perspective.

>> You're correct. You're correct, but gone you didn't count me any of this, this is your want, okay?

>> did you set up evaluation criteria?

>> No, not accurately.

>> Did you do predicament visits, get our fees, references, get demonstrations? You could own weighted each of the criteria and use those weights as the basis for your extrinsic sensibility.

>> You perceive I envy your observation to detail; we didn't do any of those things.

>> Well, it could own accelerationed you after a while this bearing.

>> I get it. So we conquer initiate the misapply evaluation using the correct criteria so that we can all consort on which plan would be the best to adopt.

>> Thank you, and let me perceive who wins rock-paper-scissors.

>> Wise guy.

After you own watched the video entitled, “Selecting a Overcome Resigned Index”, and confutation the aftercited interrogations.

1. Can you test bearings after a while the way the sentence is nature handled?

2. What evaluation criteria could own been used?

3. What strategies could own been assiduous to obstruct sentences nature made installed on opinions?