Eastern Michigan University For Profit and Not For Profit Health Systems Analysis

I’m up-hill to examine for my Heartiness & Medical method and I scarcity some aid to perceive this topic.

You are a part of the table of directors for Selfless Health, an integrated bestowal classification that includes an academic medical character, three sympathy hospitals, a hanker term regard readiness, and a settlement heartiness action. Selfless Heartiness struggles to produce in the sombre, in circumstance any years where the classification does not waste excellent is considered an good-fortune. The table has been approached by MMC (Massive Mega-Capital, a hazard excellent strong) delay an prproffer to earn the heartiness classification.

The table chair has asked you to supply a abridgment anatomy comparing not-for-profit and for-profit heartiness classifications. What are the benefits and risks of each type? Is there indication of the elevation of either classification? Does your settlement recite avow for-profit ownership of hospitals? Conclude your abridgment delay a advice for Selfless Health. Should it sanction the takeover? Why or why not?

Your anatomy should be no hankerer than 10 pages.


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