Diversitat Benefits of Change Exploring Concerns & Strategies Case Study

I'm afloat on a sanity & medical topic and insufficiency an exposition to acceleration me understand.

Charlie, 20, has been smoking marijuana delay friends for a foreigner of years. Charlie’s parents of-late discovered her offal use and negotiated that she could subsist delay them if she saw a pleader. Charlie is not financially secure to veer out of settlement. She agrees to see a pleader. Charlie tells Beth, a pleader, that she singly smokes on weekends, goes to university full-time, has a allot season job and handles influence everything in her idiosyncraticality is cheerful. Beth realises period talking to Charlie the order of veer that CHARLIE is in. Beth decides to stipulate Charlie delay understandledge regreting the cheerfuls of marijuana and briefly discusses the understandledge delay Charlie period providing her delay a written factsheet to transfer settlement. Beth as-well suggests to Charlie that getting arrested could be a regret as it could application on her forthcoming history.Charlie agrees, so Beth discusses some feasible detriment abatement strategies delay Charlie. Charlie benefit Beth for her buttress and tells her that it's cheerful to understand her organisation exists.Two months after Charlie returned to see Beth subjoined a elder dispute delay her parents. Charlie has made the conclusion to depart-from using marijuana but she believes she insufficiencys buttress as it procure influence her gregarious idiosyncraticality.

Complete the subjoined colloquy betwixt Beth and Charlie that incorporates the subjoined points:

  • Exploring regrets and strategies
  • Helping the idiosyncratic specific their handleings, establish conclusions and set goals
  • Highlight benefits of veer
  • Giving indisputable feedend and encouragement

Charlie: so, I’m end accordingly I indeed omission to perceive a way to seal smoking but I quiescent omission to depend out delay my friends. I handle indeed caught in the average.

Beth: Sounds influence you’re reseal smokingady to keep a argument about changing the smoking

Charlie: Yes, but I don't understand where to begin