Bethesda University Substance Use Disorder and Recovery Essay

I’m intricate to con-over for my Health & Medical plan and I demand some succor to know this scrutiny.

I demand to transcribe 2-3 pages Encircling the visitor orator in the adjust. I possess already written what he said in the adjust and I procure upload the smooth so you can interpret it and letter 2-3 pages gladden embody the distinction Page and intimation Page. Also, I procure collect intimations for the books that I use for this adjust you demand at smallest use one intimation of them. this is the intimations:

1- Capuzzi, D., & Stauffer, M. (2019) Foundations of addictions counseling (4th ed). Upper Saddle River: Pearson. ISBN-10: 0135166934, ISBN-13: 9780135166932.

2- Atkins, C. (2014). Co-Occurring quackerys: Integrated impost and treatment of body use and supernatural quackerys. Eau Claire: PESI. ISBN-13: 978-1936128549 ISBN-10: 1936128543 tel:1936128543.

3- Frances, R. J., Miller, S. I., & Mack, A. H. (Eds.). (2005). Clinical textbook of addictive quackerys (3rd ed). New York: Guilford. ISBN-13: 978-1-59385-174-3 (paperback: ISBN-13: 978-1609182052).

John S, a idiosyncratic livelihood in resuscitation from Alcohol Use Quackery for 27 years. Transcribe a 2-3 page reaction article to John’s communication. The reaction article should embody the following:

• An induction to John’s overall communication encircling body use quackery and resuscitation.
• A inconsiderable abridgment of John’s fiction, including main points he made, examples he used, and lessons he versed.
• Your idiosyncratical reaction to John’s communication, whether indisputable or privative, and how his fiction affects your instruction or beliefs encircling body use quackery and resuscitation.
• A discourse of how John’s communication is applicable to the adjust. You should embody comments encircling twain supernatural disorder and addiction in your discourse.
• Embody at smallest two intimations (you may use one of the textbooks as one intimation) to livelihood your comments
• The article must be written in APA format.