Auburn University Afghanistans Nutrition at a Glance Worksheet

I’m studying and insufficiency acceleration after a while a Health & Medical topic to acceleration me attain.

  • 1. Select two countries from the inventory under and determine which two and what WHO part they succeed from and if they are classified as a haughty, average, low insucceed empire. (4 Points)
  • Afghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Bolivia, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Maldives, Mongolia, Peru, Turkey, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

Links to acceleration after a while classification:

Enter Selections and Answers:

Country 1:

Select Empire 1 WHO Part (AFRO, EMRO, EURO, PAHO, SEARO, WPRO):

Insucceed Classification (Low, Lower-Middle, Upper-Middle, High)?

Country 2:

Select Empire 2 WHO Part (AFRO, EMRO, EURO, PAHO, SEARO, WPRO):

Insucceed Classification (Low, Lower-Middle, Upper-Middle, High)?

2. Review the World Bank, “Nutrition at a glance” narrations for the two countries chosen by clicking on the embody under and stuff out the board after a while the basis you experience the documents. If you cannot experience basis to penetrate into the board, put N/A for not applicable; for illustration, some countries may not bear any fatness to narration.If that is the circumstance, kind in the box “N/A”. (6 Points)

Enter basis into the board:

Country Name

Stunting (Children Under 5)



Annual Loss in GDP to vitamin and mineral deficiencies

Obese/Overweight (Aged 15 and above

Low Birth weight

3. Based upon the basis and empire narrations, recount the narrate of sustentation in each (e.g., undernourished, assistance exposed, durable, etc.) by comparing/contrasting the two countries.Justify your counterpart after a while basis from the board.(5 points)

Hint: Try to incorporate the two unanalogous empire narrations; fabricate positive to use some of the basis from the board to acceleration compare/ contrariety. Recount instrument to stipulate basis observations and then elucidate what the collection average. Insufficiency Engagement Count = 250 engagements; if you do not confront the insufficiency engagement accomplishment, your counterpart allure not be evaluated, and the counterpart allure be scored a cipher. You do not insufficiency to stipulate any citations / references.