Harrison Middleton University Four Key Features of Living Organisms Discussion


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Harrison Middleton University Four Key Features of Living Organisms Discussion
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explain the four key features of living organisms

Some Key Features of Life

Cellular basis

All living things consist of one or more cells.

Requirement for energy and nutrients

Life is sustained by ongoing inputs of energy and nutrients.


Living things sense and respond to change.

DNA is hereditary material

Genetic information in the form of DNA is passed to offspring.

For each of those key features, use a living organism from the list below to explain how that organism demonstrates that trait. Include a reference list. Organisms (or not) list:

Virus Mushroom Watermelon Butterfly

Bird Almond Cat Onion

Bread Soda Tornado Coral

◼ create a virtual tour using PowerPoint explaining about four organelles, Choose four organelles, Create a PowerPoint slide about each organelle including the following details:

include an image

A description of its appearance and structures

An explanation of its function

Any additional important details

Include a conclusion slide and reference list

Cite any references that help you create the virtual tour. Strive for 30-50 words per slide.

◼ Design a brochure to promote healthy lifestyles and cancer awareness, mutations that can lead to cancer, such as lifestyle choices and exposure to certain chemicals

In your brochure, include the following headers:

Lifestyle choices and environmental factors that can lead to cancer

Process of cancer mutations leading to metastasis

Suggestions for early detection of at least two types of cancer

Include pictures and references to make it informative to your reader.