Video Analysis tool Long term Retention

   Video Analysis Tool: Long-Term Contention Assignment Instructions MyEducationLab Portion 7: The Powerful Precept Video Topic: 1) After analyzing the training video, illustrate 3 irrelative strategies the instructor used to expedite student acquirements. 2) Imagine you are training a precept on a subject-matter of your select. Illustrate the precept and outspoken what types of training/acquirements strategies you would use to raise long-term contention and to expedite acquirements for the students in your own classroom? 3) Now deem the biblical access to education to acquaint your thoughts on this subject-matter. Deem a channel of Scripture and/or a reward of the temper to food your access to implementing these training and acquirements strategies. Watch the video and transcribe at smallest 150 expression in defense to each question/prompt. Responses are to supervene running APA format and apprehend a designation page and allusion page. You must quote at smallest 1 cause in running APA format. You may use the textbook and/or knowing journal creed as causes. When citing the Bible, roll the allusion superveneed by the statement of the Bible. For illustration, you would transcribe (Psalm 78:72, King James Version) or (Isaiah 40:28-31, New International Version). Remember, you are not to roll the Bible in your roll of allusions according to the most novel edition of the APA Manual gone the Bible is deemed a fashionable effort. You can quote this video as (Pearson Education). You can use the superveneing allusion for this video: Pearson Education (Producer). (n. a.). MyEducationLab portion 7. The powerful precept [Video  file]. Retrieved from top_640x360_ccv2/ab/streaming/myeducationlab/literacy/Teaching_Summarizing_Part_ 1_iPad.mp4 Note: Submit this tractate as a Word muniment in Blackboard. Submit your Video Analysis Tool: Long-Term contention Assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Module/Week 8.