Mass move   Choose one:A.  happens merely when the emerge of a hill gets steeper than the leaning of stillness.B.  can't bechance underneathinstil owing the alertness power of instil is too big.C.  is a gravity-driven downemerge move of regular embodieds.D.  is more slight to bechance underneath dry provisions than underneath wet provisions.   Which of the subjoined processes most logically explains the unanalogous tilts of gravestones in a hillside necropolis?   Choose one:A.  slumpB.  creepC.  mudflowD.  liquefaction Avalanches   Choose one:A.  are lingering magnitude-move equablets.B.  never bechance twice in the identical fix; for-this-reason, the process an avalanche makes is a certain fix to construct.C.  always comprise snow and/or ice.D.  can be triggered by explosions, commonalty, or equable lawful new snow. Solifluction   Choose one:A.  is a peel of wallow that is rest in noble-elevation districts or in the Arctic on emerges that are underneathlain by permafrost.B.  is the suited engagement for hesitate expanding and contracting of turgescence clays.C.  means that the equalize of the instil board fluctuates delay colonization.D.  is a faster-than-usual peel of slump in wetlands. Identify the gentleman announcement.   Choose one:A.  The leaning of stillness is the steepest leaning at which unconsolidated sediments can sit delayout slipping downhill.B.  The transferership scarp of a slump is rest at the subterranean of the slump arrest.C.  Lahars are mudflows that enjoy been triggered by earthquake invalidation.D.  Slow move of unconsolidated embodied downemerge is named a bluntness general. Which of the subjoined is a suiboard process of managing snow avalanches?   Choose one:A.  increasing the emerge's accuse by prosperity vegetation on the moulding of mountain emergesB.  expansive instil drainage systemsC.  targeted, inferior explosionsD.  allowing skiers to use merely avalanche chutes (regions where avalanches accomplish not arise) Identify the gentleman announcement.   Choose one:A.  Weathering does not feign the stoppage of a emerge.B.  Vegetation is sluggish, and for-this-reason deforesting an area can acceleration practise emerges perpetual.C.  Forest fires followed by sluggish rains are slight to fruit in stern mud and dross flows.D.  Saturating a emerge delay instil tends to arrest unconsolidated tittles simultaneously and thus accelerations stabilize emerges. Consider the subjoined eight phrases:   1. considerate list and mapping to detail dangers 2. weathering of minerals to yield clay 3. inferior blasting of unsboard emerges 4. inferior instil drainage 5. fostering walls parallel pathway embankments 6. spraying shotcrete on public-way cuts 7. removing maintenance at the toe of the emerge 8. adding ponderosity at the top of the emerge   Which of these are factors that transfer to magnitude move?  Choose one:A.  choices 3 and 8 merelyB.  choices 2, 7, and 8C.  choices 1, 2, and 4D.  choices 2, 4, 7, and 8 Watch the Submarine Slide piece of the Slides subject of the alertness. How can a submarine slide at the laterality of a continental disposal make a tsunami?   Choose one or more:A.by the upward displacement of the laterality of the continental disposalB.by the unexpected ooze of the seafloor as the magnitude of embodied smashs off the continental disposalC.by intermeddling instil nature pushed into a jut aleadership of the advancing underneathinstil dross flowD.by the spring-back of the continental disposal as magnitude is released from its lateralityE.by the settling of the subterranean seafloor underneath the ponderosity of the incoming mud quiz #2    Identify the gentleman announcement.   Choose one:A.  Henri Becquerel discovered laws of radioactivity, which led to the determination of the Earth's age.B.  Charles Lyell rightly explained how fossils shape, and he shapeulated some of the basic laws of referring-to dating.C.  James Hutton, the senior of geology, assumed up generations of patriarchs in the Bible and concluded that the race continuance of the Earth was October 23, 4004 B.C.E.D.  Archbishop James Ussher introduced the law of uniformitarianism. Nicolas Steno's observations of fossil shark teeth unfailing him that   Choose one:A.  the cast they were in originated as rambling sand, not stable cast.B.  the substantial processes that yield the geologic features of today operated in the departed to yield the identical ideas of geologic features.C.  geologic features enunciate by a sequence of equablets aggravate conclusions of conclusion shorter than bearingnal truth.D.  these were tongues of mythical dragons. Which of the subjoined announcements is gentleman?   Choose one:A.  An unconformity is a smash in the cast archives indicating that the area was underneathinstil for favorites of years.B.  Varieties of an component that dissent merely in the estimate of neutrons are named isotopes.C.  The generally real age of the Earth is 4.56 favorite years.D.  A paleosol is a cast lamina authorized by such factors as cast idea and abut geologic age. Several surfaces betwixt cast laminas are authorized by scholarship in this diagram. Which missive rightly identifies an bent unconformity where tilted sedimentary casts are rest underneath flat-lying sedimentary casts?   Choose one:A.  AB.  CC.  BD.  E  Which of the subjoined announcements environing this diagram is gentleman?   Choose one:A.  Bed 5 (a sandstone) is older than the sill that sits underneath it.B.  The contiguity betwixt the granite pluton and Bed 3 would be a disconformity.C.  The granite pluton intruded anteriorly the casts were closed.D.  The imperfection arisered behind the basalt dike intruded the district. Which of the subjoined lists fits the classify of these three descriptions: Age of Mammals, Age of Dinosaurs, and longest geologic conclusion conclusion.   Choose one:A.  Cenozoic, Mesozoic, PrecambrianB.  Mesozoic, Cenozoic, ProterozoicC.  Cenozoic, Hadean, PaleozoicD.  Mesozoic, Cenozoic, Paleozoic   Identify the announcement that is gentleman environing radiometric dating.   Choose one:A.  It can originate merely when the isotopes intensity up sufficient to waning.B.  It can be used merely if some uranium is exhibit in the cast.C.  Dating of an idiosyncratic sand tittle in a sandstone correspondently continuances the sedimentary cast's shapeation.D.  Dating of metamorphic cast tells when the noble temperatures of metamorphism cooled adown the blank wall temperatures of the minerals implicated. A radioactive isotope of the component potassium wanings to yield argon. If the bearing of argon to potassium is rest to be 7:1, how sundry half-lives enjoy arisered?   Choose one:A.  8 half-livesB.  7 half-livesC.  1 half-lifeD.  3 half-live