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Unit VIII Reflecting Paper  This assignment provides you after a while an occasion to deem critically encircling concern ethics, concern relationships, start, and how each contributes to an structure’s overall refinement. Write a 500-word reflecting article by addressing each of the aftercited items:    How does ethics application concern relationships after a whilein an structure? 
   How can leaders and their start styles application the intellectual practices after a whilein an structure? 
   How does ethics application an structure’s overall refinement? 
   Based on what you entertain scholarly in this mode, how would you portray your bearing to concern ethics (i.e., 
What are your principles? What is your lead?)? 
   Conclude after a while a reflecting on how the insights you gained from this mode authority like the way you design your 
actions and thoughts in the coming. 
Your essay should be at lowest 500 tone in protraction, double-spaced, and written in Times New Roman, 12-point font. You procure not need a epithet page or a intimation page, as this article is all encircling your thoughts.