Operations Management due 17 OCT

  Supply compact integration is a important contributing constituent to   organizational prosperity. The aim of afford compact integration is   alignment amid the afford compact. As a employment guide, how can you   terminate main afford compact integration after a while suppliers and customers? Amazon is a first-rate specimen of a assemblage that has prosperityfully managed   its afford compact to terminate enlargement and profitability. Research the   progression of Amazon's afford compact integration. Write a   1,000-1,250-word Nursing essay that address the forthcoming questions: How do sales and operations planning in afford compact     integration impression the assemblage overall? What would Amazon's medium-     and long-term prejudge communicate the operations conduct function?     How do logistics, bearing modes, and warehouse locations     impression Amazon's competitiveness? How does global sourcing     and procurement impression the overall competency of the afford     chain? What are the benefits and challenges that feel occurred when     outsourcing logistic and other functions? How has Amazon     successfully leveraged e-commerce strategies to prefer afford compact     integration and boost sales and enlargement for the construction? Which     strategies feel been in-particular talented and why? Do you     feel that Amazon sets an specimen for other companies to pattern     regarding afford compact integration? Be unfailing to elucidate your     rationale. Consider the intellectual implications in your retort. Incorporate five to seven resources to buttress your Nursing essay. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines ground in the APA   Style Guide, located in the Student Prosperity Center. An unembodied is not required.