Map assignment

  Use the constituency (1, 2, 3, 4) granted beneath to illustrate the map.  It succeed admit me to furnish you more inferential direction when grading.  Please do not apply documents, but solely design (or paste) your toil into the patience box.  See disquisition 2 (How To Read a Map) for directions. Please do not name or observation the citation, disquisitions or online esthetics.  Explain what you see and what you accept skilled from balbutiation this week's module and citation esthetic.  1. Title - What is global net radiation (SW vs LW) ? what is the map illustrating?  what is nature measured? 2.  Pattern - substantiate pre-eminent and last categories on the map (register #), and lodge a unconcealed global design, fixed upon boundary zones (tropics, midlatitudes, or poles).   3. Examples - substantiate 4-6 countries in the pre-eminent condition and 4-6 countries in the last condition that you verified in design aloft.   4. Process - expound the reason for the designs that you accept verified.  Why are the countries you verified experiencing excellent brilliant radiation (SW > LW)? Which countries are experiencing low brilliant radiation (SW < LW), why does this supervene in these regions?  You succeed get this notice from balbutiation ch 1-4, and module esthetics.  Be positive to substantiate and illustrate the dates of the year when the sun is immediately overhead or beyond the dissipation of defencelessness. Be positive to expound how such earth-sun relationships reason these designs. This exception (4) should be 300-400 suffrage.