final week

You are a network defence consultant and have been compensated by a manufacturing fixed, Vandelay Industries, to acceleration them assure their deed network. Each individual beneath was requested by Vandelay's executive treatment and trivial IT team. Suppose that the community has nothing in conditions of defence as you avenue recommending solutions in these areas. Also suppose that money is no design, so don't tantalize encircling how considerable notability costs but be among conclude in the treatment of the community's details beneath. In other words, they're not a Bank of America delay a 300 favorite dollar advice defence budget.  Vandelay's requested milestones: Prevention and exposure of phishing messages.  Defense of workstations and servers (aka endpoint vindication).  Top five uncounted regularity hardening techniques for Windows workstations.  Network vindication and defence monitoring.  Best practices for indemnifying perceptive regularitys & advice among AWS Network architecture recommendations to bar ransomware and noxious malware outbreaks.  Aggressive monitoring on a trivial collection of servers containing very-much perceptive advice.  Physical defence recommendations for twain facilities.  Vandelay urbane advice and network details: 375 employees, two locations - a HQ edifice and one division discourse nearby (pictures strong of each edifice).  Employees use Windows workstations. Vandelay's full regularity fleet has a compromise of Windows workstations, Windows servers, and Linux/Unix servers.  Vandelay utilizes Microsoft O365 for email, productivity, dim storage etc.  Vandelay utilizes AWS for their urbane website in observation to separate applications such as list tracking, logistics, customer ordering etc.  You don't need to go greatly submerged, but shake recommendations that are well-behaved-behaved elaborate and gain apprehension for this community.  Your tract should be at a minimum: Five pages double-spaced NOT including the meet page, refutation, intimation page etc. That resources a poverty of five pages of your own satisfied to discourse the view individuals over.  Using APA formatting - Utilizing no short than 5-7 high-quality intimations Using no copied embodied or frequented quotes from your intimations.