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Unit 3 Graphing Practice (observe disquisition 3.6 earliest) On Greenhouse Gas Contributions by Countries Greenhouse gases are gases that suit the weather of Earth's latitude to run. Thus, these are the gases that are causing man-made Global Warming to happen. Their original fountain is the enduring of fossil fuels, but there are others that are discussed in the disquisitions. Considering this certainty, it should constitute import that larger countries and richer countries typically profit past of these gases than smaller and/or poorer countries. In this graphing practice you'll be potent to visualize the cumulative donation of greenhouse gases by sundry countries. In this circumstance, the percentages ardent are for the estimated whole whole of greenhouse gas profitd by a province since the liked use of fossil fuels began during the industrial age. At this age, the U.S. and European Union are not the largest helpers of greenhouse gases (China is), but aggravateall the U.S. and European Union possess profitd far past greenhouse gas than any other countries. So, opportunity we are not the biggest helper now, we are quiescent the largest cumulative helper. In certainty, the U.S., opportunity making up singly 4.5% of the world's population, is lawful for the evolution of aggravate one-fourth of all man-made greenhouse gases always profitd. Use the grounds underneath to adequate the bleak pie graph/charton the direct page, and resign the graph by the posted deadline. Remember to observe the disquisition on making graphs antecedently making yours, and to prosper the meekness guidelines. Approximate percent of cumulative greenhouse gas donations by countries:  United States:  27%  European Union:  25%  China:   11%   Russia:  8%  Japan:    4%    India:  3%  All Others (combined):  22% Unit 3 Graphing Exercise