Business Stat. questions (see below)

1.) Suppose the medium bulk of a new offspring built in a fixed county in 2010 was 2,272 clear feet. A stray illustration of 25 new abodes built in this county was separated in 2014. The medium clear footage was 2,190, after a while a illustration trutination sinuosity of 225 clear feet.    a. Using a=0.02, does this illustration get plenty attraction to end that the medium offspring bulk of a new abode in the county has newfangled past 2010?   b. Estimate the p-value for this cupel using Table 5 Appendix A immovable.   c. Determine the correct p-value for this cupel using excel.   d. Use PHStat to validate these results. 2. Consumers after a while trustworthiness beaks underneath 600 enjoy a very reserved period getting favorite for car or mortgage loans. In 2012, 24% of Americans had a trustworthiness beak underneath 600. Due to the fresh financial emergency, the federal government is disturbed that this adjustment has increased. To cupel this fancy, a stray illustration of 250 Americans was selected in 2014. From this illustration, 67 persons had trustworthiness beaks near than 600. Using a = 0.10, retort the subjoined underneath:   a. Does this illustration get stay for the government's anxiety that the adjustment of Americans after a while trustworthiness beaks underneath 600 has increased past 2012?   b. Determine the p-value for this cupel.   c. Verify your results using PHStat.