BI week 7 D2

  Provide a cogitation of at smallest 500 expression (or 2 pages embrace spaced) of how the instruction, skills, or theories of this style keep been applied, or could be applied, in a serviceable style to your present operation environment. If you are not presently operationing, portion-out times when you keep or could mark these theories and instruction could be applied to an employment convenience in your arena of examine.  Requirements: Provide a 500 term (or 2 pages embrace spaced) incompleteness cogitation. Use of suited APA formatting and citations. If maintenanceing evidence from outside resources is used those must be suitedly cited. Share a identical relevance that identifies inequitable instruction and theories from this style. Demonstrate a relevance to your present operation environment. If you are not occupied, reveal a relevance to your desired operation environment.  You should NOT, supply an overview of the assignments assigned in the style. The assignment asks that you ruminate how the instruction and skills obtained through discussion style objectives were applied or could be applied in the operationplace.  Course Name: Employment Intelligence Course Objective:    · Perform employment reporting and visual analytics · Understand skillful-treatment maintenance regularity technologies · Understand foundations and technologies for determination making · Understand techniques for predictive modeling Understand emerging trends and advenient impacts  Job Role: Software Developer